Hotel-Pro Online Bookings - How It Works

Signing up for the Hotel-Pro Online Booking Engine is a straightforward process and we only collect your money after you are up and running!

Step One - Get your Hotel-Pro Booking Engine ID.

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Step Two - When we receive your request we will then contact you to gather some further information about your property. We will use this to configure and set up your account.

Step Three - After we have configured your system we will supply you with your ID and sign on instructions. With this, you can then go into the system and set up your availability and prices.

Step Four - Add the link to your web site. We will supply you with one line of simple code which you should add to your web site. When visitors click on this link they will be taked to your online reservation system and are able to book rooms in your hotel You can also choose from a selection of buttons to use on your site.

You are now able to accept online bookings and will receive notifications of any requests via e-mail!

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to pay commissions? - No! Hotel-Pro Online Booking Engine's most popular billing option is a £150 + VAT/year service fee. With the service fee option you pay the one low flat fee for an unlimited amount of bookings.

How do guests find me? - Hotel-Pro Online Booking Engine works from any web page, your web site, from associations' web sites and from many of the most popular directory web sites. All you need to do is to ensure that your site is listed with powerful search engines such as Google, MSN, Yahoo, AltaVista, Excite and others, as well as regional travel directories and national and international directories. Potential guests find your listings on these sources, and come to your web site to view your complete, up to date information including your EUBookings availability calendar.

Do I have to list my complete inventory? - No! Hotel-Pro Online Booking Engine allows you to list only the rooms and dates you wish. However, unlike commission or fee based reservation systems where you may not list weekend and other popular nights, with Hotel-Pro Online Booking Engine there is no reason not to list your complete inventory! With Hotel-Pro Online Booking Engine low annual service fee there is no cost when guests book your easy to book nights. With Hotel-Pro Online Booking Engine a reservation is not confirmed until you say that it is confirmed.

What if I want guests to call me to make a reservation? - There are many configuration settings when using Hotel-Pro Online Booking Engine. If you just want to display availability and direct guests to call or email you, Hotel-Pro Online Booking Engine allows for that setting. If you want to allow guests to make a reservation request with no mention of credit cards, Hotel-Pro Online Booking Engine allows for that setting. If you want to allow guests to make a reservation request and supply credit card information, Hotel-Pro Online Booking Engine provides a secure server powered by VeriSign's data encryption technology.

Can you give me some current user's web addresses so I can see how it works on their web site? - Please visit our Customers

How do I keep my availability current? - Your availability can be kept current by either using our user-friendly online forms or by uploading directly from many in-house property management and reservation programs. We have file specifications available to allow automatic uploads to be developed from some in-house property management and reservation programs.

What is the process for adding EUBookings to my web site? - Get your Hotel-Pro Online Booking Engine ID, we then enter your property information and configure the system for you and your room information. You are then provided with one simple line of HTML code which will call your Hotel-Pro Online Booking Engine availability display from your web site.

Does your system handle minimum night stays? - Yes.

Can members of our Accommodation Association join? - Yes. The Hotel-Pro Online Booking Engine system can handle Associations. Bookings can be searched for across a number of properties that are grouped on an Association Website. Please email us for more details and pricing information.

Does your system allow for seasonal rates? - Yes.

How am I notified when a guest makes a reservation request? - You are immediately sent an email when a guest makes a reservation request.

How do I sign up? - Details are here.

How much does it cost? - Contact us to find out just how cheap online bookings can be for your hotel.