Link Building

In the very early days of the Internet, the web started with a single HTML page, closely followed by a second HTML page. Soon after came the most important concept in the creation of the Internet, the linking of those two web pages together. The Internet began to evolve, web pages became web sites and then multiple web sites linked together. Now visitors from one web site could easily find and visit other web sites by simply following links. The link itself became an advertisement in just the same way a billboard is an advertisment. This was the first type of Internet marketing. Other forms of links appeared, shortly after, such as banner links, image links and others. The more links you had as a website owner, the more visitors you were able to attract to your site.

The next big thing were search engines. They used robots to spider the web, find websites, and rank websites and web pages. Over time, the methods used to rank websites by search engines (known as algorithms) evolved and changed. Some of these elements are highlighted on our search engine optimisation page.

Modern search engines, including the likes of Google and Yahoo which are probably the most important, not only analyse the content of a web page but will also ascertain who is linking to your website. These links are also analysed for their importance, therefore the more highly rated a website that links to yours the greater weighting to your site. Clearly, links to your website are an important part of Internet Marketing and your online strategy.

How To Build Links

It is no use however just to get links from anywhere and of course you will usually be expected to return the favour with a reciprocal link. So you must first build a page for your links and provide a link to your links page from your homepage. We would suggest that hotels and guesthouses concentrate on building links with other travel organisations around the world as well as with local attractions close to your hotel. Do not make the mistake of exchanging links with other non-travel related sites. Many search engines will assess the relevance of your links and may well penalise those sites associated with spam-related sites peddling Viagra and other nuisance products which swamp our inboxes.

Building links can really assist your site to obtain traffic from the referrer as well as helping you to get a higher pagerank in Google, Yahoo and the other important search engines.

Need Help With Link Building?

If you require any further advice about how to build links please feel free to contact us at Hotel-Pro.