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Here you can find all of the latest news from the hotel and hospitality industry. Click on the publication title to be taken to the article. Had you realised that the preferred method of obtaining travel information is now via the Internet? This has major implications for hotels and others in the travel trade. Neil Salerno describes how hoteliers need to concentrate on ensuring that content is optimised to get your hotel website seen by the search engines. Are you offering special hotel Internet booking rates? KPMG are reporting that only 27% of Internet price promises were being kept by hotels. Yahoo has announced the release of its FareChase travel service for hotels. So far, Yahoo has only offered airline searches, but it will now add a test version of a hotel search offering potential hotel guests the ability to make reservations online Some of the major hotel chains increased their Internet bookings by over 22% in 2004 - how long can smaller hotels and hotel groups ignore the trend and install their own hotel booking engine? Hotels are continuing to test the water with their guests over the issue of self check-in. Travel and hotel Internet Bookings are continuing to grow according to a survey conducted by Accenture In case you didn’t catch it, last week an historic announcement came across the wire, “Consumers now prefer booking hotels online over all offline options” A survey by lifestyle analysts Mintel, claims that while the number of holidays booked through travel agents has remained static since 1999, holidays booked independently are up 60% over the same period. The number of European companies booking travel online is expected to increase five-fold in the next two years. The power of the “grey pound” – in relation to travel and tourism at least – has been revealed in a survey by the airline BMI. Create Impact by Developing a Link Strategy For Your hotel Web Site London hotels are cashing in. London's hoteliers are increasingly hoisting the 'no vacancies' sign and charging customers a premium for their rooms. Want More Traffic on Your Web Site? Find the Help You Need on the Internet Further evidence of London hotels continued success comes from Deloitte who report an increase of 12% in Revpar for 2004. London Hotels are in for a bumper year according to TRI Hospitality Research who forecast a 9% increase in Revenue Per Available Room (revpar)

Office of National Statistics New figures from the Office for National Statistics show that the number of Internet connections has grown from 9% of households in 1998 to 52% by the third quarter of 2004.

Caterer & Hotelkeeper New government initiative to encourage a crackdown on sub-standard hotels, guesthouse and b&b's has been announced. Travel web sites in the UK have recorded an increase of 14% in visitors during the first week of January 2004 against the previous year.

Hospitality Net In 2005 it is estimated that 25% of all hotel revenue will be generated by the Internet and another 25% off offline revenue will be similarly influenced.