About Online Bookings

Hotel-Pro - Online Reservations for Hotels and Guest Houses

The Hotel-Pro online reservation system is flexible

The operation of the program can be tailored to match your working methods. If you only allow a minimum stay of 7 days, the system will handle it. If you require guests who stay on a Saturday to stay on a Sunday, the system can handle it. If you want any bookings on the system to be immediately removed from the online system, the system can handle it. If you don't want bookings to be immediately removed, you can do that too with our Hotel-Pro package.

The Hotel-Pro reservation system is easy to use

The Hotel-Pro program is easy to use. We will set up your system to begin with and hand it over ready for you to input your availability and online prices. The system is fully documented, with help available on every page of the Administration tool. We are always happy to assist registered customers with the system, either by email or by phone.

The Hotel-Pro reservation system is customisable

Whatever way you want the reservation system to look, it can. The system has many customisation options that are easy to set up. You can even include your own background graphics on the pages. If you have experience with HTML, you can use our template system to make the reservation system blend in completely with your sites design. If you wish, Hotel-Pro will assist you with any of these customisation options.

The Hotel-Pro reservation system is secure

All transactions involving credit cards are handled using a secure server. EUBookings has a Verisign digital certificate that you can verify by clicking the logo on the booking page. Secure credit card transactions are very important these days, as most people do not like giving out credit card details over an unsecured link. With Hotel-Pro you and your guests can rest assured that the transaction is safe and secure.

Give Your Customers What They Want

Guests want to make a reservation in a way that is comfortable to them and, as a hotel, you need to provide the facilities they are now coming to expect. Travellers are now accustomed to going online to book a flight, rent a car, or book a room, and they expect an instant confirmation. This is different to checking availability over the web. This way, guests send a reservation request to the hotel. But, the guest may send multiple requests to numerous hotels and the first to respond usually gets the booking. By offering online bookings, you immediately win the booking.