Search Engine Optimisation
It has been established that the vast majority of the Internet population are now using search engines to look for and book travel online, including flights and hotels. Therefore it is essential that proper placement of your hotel website on search engines is absolutely crucial to drive new traffic to your hotel or guesthouse. To gain guests, your website needs to meet them where they search. To do this you need to understand where and how they search and tailor your website to expolit this information. This is search engine optimisation and if applied intelligently it will drive highly qualified Internet referrals to your website, increasing occupancy, revenue and most importantly your bottom line.

Content optimization is vital in securing excellent positioning in search engines. Search engines work by using mathematical algorithms to “crawl,” or analyze, website content to determine site rankings. Since search engine algorithms continuously change and evolve, we consistently evaluate and modify your website’s content, copy, and architecture to maintain maximum search engine visibility. Count on our proven content optimization formula of success to drive the greatest number of qualified visitors to your website.

However, a major weakness of hotel and guesthouse marketing is the lack of online distribution. If your hotel is seeking better rankings with search engines, you need to have somebody to organise the project and manage all internet related activity. This is a vital role but one that can pay your business dividends.


The first step is to understand what your potential guests search for on the Internet. To do this you should find out what they are typing into the search engines - these are known as keywords. By understanding what keywords your guests are searching for you are then able to optimise your website so that it obtains a high ranking in the search engines for those keywords. If you do not know what keywords people are using then try using Overture's Keyword Assistant at:

The Overture tool allows you to enter a phrase which your potential guests may be searching on and delivers a list of alternatives as well as the number of searches for each keywords. You may be surprised to find how many people are looking for a hotel in your town and what terms they are using.

Having ascertained keywords you must then decide which ones to use. For example, a hotel in London may find there are thousands of searches for the term 'London hotels' on a daily basis but only a few hundred for a more specific term such as 'Bloomsbury hotels' or 'discount London hotels'. Whilst the temptation exists to target 'London hotels' with its thousands of searches, you should consider how likely you are to achieve a top 30 listing due to the huge amount of other hotels and agents who are also targetting those keyword phrases. Better to concentrate on a less used keyword phrase that does not have such a large number of competitors targetting it in their hotel's online strategy (to find out about competition just enter your keywords into a few search engines and see how many results are returned for each keyword phrase).

Optimising Your Hotel Website

Once you understand your keyword phrases you need to begin to optimise your hotel website's content by focussing on your keyword phrases and incorporating them into tags and the body of your website. The most important areas for optimisation are your title, headings, alt tags(particularly the first three), at the beginning and end of your main body of content, and to a lesser degree in your meta tags an meta description.

By optimising your website to match your targetted keywords you are now in a position to submit your website to search engines.

Submit Your Hotel Website To Search Engines

Whilst there are literally hundreds of search engines around you will find that a small handful provide about 95% of all search engine traffic, therefore it is important that you aim to be lsited on these select few as your first goal. At Hotel-Pro we can advise you about the submission process and even carry out the task for you - contact us to for an informal discussion about how we can help your hotel website gain exposure with the major search engines.

Search Engine Analysis

Having gone to the trouble of getting listed with the search engines it is important to analyse your rankings to ensure that you are positioned where you want to be for your keywords and, once there, you remain there. This can be a time-consuming process and one that may easily be overlooked - until your site visitors dip and your bookings start to stagnate. Don't leave it too late, speak to Hotel-Pro about how we can assist you in keeping on top of your search engine positioning and continue to drive quality search engine traffic to your hotel website in sufficient quantity to achieve the bookings you require from your online strategy.